Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

On March 30, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the occasion of the inauguration of As-Sayyeda Zaynab Hall in the Beirut area of Haret Hreik.

“I would like to speak about the inauguration of As-Sayyeda Zaynab Hall. I would also like to address the political developments.  The hall is built in the area of Beirut’s southern suburb, Al-Dahiyeh al-Janoubiya, which used to be a Hezbollah security fortress, but now it is no longer the case. It is now an area open to all people. The hall of As-Sayyeda Zaynab was [erected as a sign of gratitude] to God for the victory in the 2006 war [with Israel].

We would like to address the Palestinian Land Day, a day for Palestine and Jerusalem. This occasion is an expression of attachment to the cause and to the land. The occupants want Palestine to be forgotten and considered history; [they] do not want [Palestine] to remain an [international] priority; [they] want its people to forget it and their right of return. They want its people to surrender and become hopeless. The blood of the martyrs has kept the cause alive until today and all attempts to prevent this have failed. The Palestinians voice their determination to regain their land. The Arab Nation is capable of liberating Palestine and can do it very simply. We do not need to buy weapons, we do not need nuclear weapons, we can simply triumph over Israel. The Arab Nation is not doing anything to help Palestine, Arab leaders are searching for other priorities and other causes.

Regarding the developments in Syria, [the country] is enjoying international and regional attention. Three international summits have taken place to address the events in Syria. Foreign military intervention, which is a great danger for the whole region, is no longer possible. The option to send Arab defense forces to Syria is also not viable. Furthermore, the option to arm the Syrian opposition is also not likely, except for some Arab countries that insist on sending arms to the opposition. An armed opposition in Syria cannot topple the regime. It can take over a town and kill an officer, but it cannot topple the regime. Betting on military acts to topple the regime is a losing bet. What is required in Syria is a political solution. Some people have previously suggested a political solution based on the fall of President [Bashar al-Assad], but all the international and Arab countries have abandoned this choice. The political solution is based on two things: dialogue between the regime and the opposition, and reforms. If we really wanted peace and stability in the region, if we really care for the Syrian people, the only solution is political, through dialogue and reform. Helping Syria requires stopping media incitement and trying to convince parties to engage in dialogue.

It is not normal that the issue of Bahrain does not draw the attention of Arab countries, especially that the misery in the country is real. The people of Bahrain are being killed by security forces and mercenaries’ lethal gases. Every day there are people being killed in Bahrain with lethal gases that are not only being thrown at protesters but also at houses to kill families. [Even though such a] catastrophe [is happening] in Bahrain, the issue was not tackled during the Arab summit. It is forbidden to even admit that there is a crisis in Bahrain, although the protesters are not holding weapons and do not want to destroy their country or sell it. The [Arabs’] negligence will not affect the Bahraini people’s determination. God will give them triumph.

Those in Lebanon betting on changes in Syria should know that the crisis is being [resolved]. We do not want to damage our country, [Lebanon], if we disagree on developments in Syria. Some people have gone too far [when expressing] their opinion on Syria. The bets on the developments in Syria must be reconsidered.

Regarding the cabinet. We consider that the cabinet is essential to the country. National interest requires the cabinet to remain. The cabinet is responsible for addressing issues related to people’s [means of support]. If the cabinet had one opinion and point of view they would say that it is a one-sided cabinet, and if the cabinet has different and various points of view they would say it is divided. We think that difference in points of view in the cabinet is excellent. Some people said that the agreement to rent power-generating ships [was approved because] of the pressure of the [non-state] weapons, which is not correct. Anyway, if [non-state] weapons can provide electricity then we shall welcome the weapons.

In Lebanon, the government can be toppled by political [issues] not [livelihood] ones. We are not saying that the cabinet must make accomplishments to remain [in place], but because it is its responsibility to make accomplishments. Vexation is a problem in the cabinet that is hindering the execution of some projects. We call on all parties to agree on livelihood issues [in order to preserve the] best interest of the country and its people.”

  • Hep

    “The Jews are creating/leading Google, Intel, Facebook, Microsoft and providing 30% of all Nobel Prices...” --------- Gideon Levy says: “The idea that we are members of the chosen people is deeply ingrained, not only in the Jewish tradition, but also among modern and ostensibly secular Israelis.” - "Haaretz" – “Jewish People Are Just That, People, And Far From Chosen”

    March 31, 2012

  • Hep

    If March 14 alliance stops facilitating the smuggling of arms to Syria, perhaps the Syrians then can live in peace. --- I quote Sahand Avedis: On August 8 the Al-Safir newspaper quoted a security official: “The recently foiled operation is still under investigation, and there has been highly significant information gleaned from those involved who are affiliated with a prominent tendency in the March 14 alliance. This is not the only operation that they have carried out…..” --- “Lebanon Intercepts Covert Arms Shipments bound for Syria”

    March 31, 2012

  • ffauzia

    What about the people in Syria?Aren t people being killed every day!!!!?What about the human suffering in Syria?!!!

    March 30, 2012


    What an ... ! Leading the great Shia community to the abyss of the Dark Ages. The Jews are creating/leading Google, Intel, Facebook, Microsoft and providing 30% of all Nobel Prices... and this guy is still fighting his imaginary wars and great satans while his community is slipping into misery and backwardness. What would Imam Saddr think of this ... ? Imam Saddr had one of the most constructive and productive mind and heart in the region; and this ... has the most hateful and destructive spirit around; transforming Hizbollahstan into a desolate place where democracy and freedom never shine, where foreign corporations never invest, and where parades and brainwashed followers sound the empty echoes of another North Korean nightmare! What a tragedy for wasting a promising future of the best Shia community in the world, turning them into more Basij and the like of Assad Shabiha! Wake up people!

    March 30, 2012