Saudi daily reports cessation of Egyptian-Syrian contacts

Okaz, a leading Saudi Arabian daily, quoted diplomatic sources in Beirut as saying that Egypt had ceased its contacts with Syria in relation to the Lebanese crisis and the election of a president before the Arab Summit is convened in Damascus on March 29.

The sources said this was due to the fact that that the Syrian position had not changed, adding that the issue of Lebanese participation in the summit was a decision of the Lebanese government and its Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.  

While the March 14 alliance prepares a plan to kickstart a solution to the political impasse in Lebanon after the Damascus Summit through restoration of the government or re-activation of the parliament, the opposition has begun promoting the possibility of a settlement in the summit or action taken by Speaker Nabih Berri after the summit.

Opposition member and resigned Labor Minister Trad Hamadeh said on Friday he hoped the summit would be an opportunity to resume the Arab initiative.

The March 14 forces escalated their call on Speaker Nabih Berri to open parliament. March 14 General Secretariat coordinator Fares Soueid urged all MPs to go to parliament and fulfill their duties from inside the House immediately. “The regular session of the parliament opened on March 8, 2008, and this date is constitutional and legal,” he noted. 

-NOW Staff