Sami Gemayel says Article 6 is null

Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel addressed deputies in Nejmeh Square on Thursday, saying that Article 6 of the Ministerial Statement – which pertains to Hezbollah and its arms – is “null, because not all parties agreed to its inclusion in the document.” Gemayel added that the insertion of the article to the statement was “forced [on us] by the May 7 events and by Hezbollah’s arms.”

“We refuse the existence of weapons outside the state’s [jurisdiction], and we reject Article 6. There should be an equalization of duties and rights, such as an explanation as to why some and not others would be allowed to carry weapons,” he said.

Gemayel addressed Hezbollah MPs saying, “No one wants to eliminate you. No one wants to throw you out of the cabinet, or let Israel defeat you.”

According to Gemayel, there also is no justification to the Palestinians possessing weapons in Lebanon, and all Lebanese are against Palestinian nationalization.
Gemayel said Lebanese-Syrian relations are “not based on emotions” and that building a “perfect relationship” with Damascus starts with the return of Lebanese detainees from prisons in Syria and by settling borders between the two countries.

He called for the parliament to shoulder its responsibilities by resuming National Dialogue presided over by President Michel Sleiman to discuss arms outside the state’s control and the national defense strategy. He also urged Sleiman to head the defense parliamentary commission.

Gemayel called for cabinet ministers to participate in the National Dialogue to resolve the nation’s crises. 

He said his party suggests Lebanon become a “positive neutral country” –in reference to Lebanon’s hands-off role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, except in case of self-defense –which he stressed is necessary to stop foreign interference.

Gemayel also said his party suggests adopting administrative decentralization, since it is the basis for state building.

-NOW Lebanon