Russia slams “crude violation” of law in Gaza flotilla raid

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned the "crude violation" of international law in a deadly Israeli raid on an aid flotilla to Gaza earlier in the day, calling for full clarification of the incident.

At least 10 people were killed as Israeli commandos stormed a boat carrying pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza, Israeli television and radio stations reported on Monday.

"Moscow expresses condemnation and deep concern in this regard, first and foremost taking into consideration the deaths and injuries of participants of the humanitarian flotilla," the ministry said in a statement.

"Clarification of all the facts of what has happened is necessary," it said, adding, "It is clear that using arms against civilians and detaining ships in the open sea without any legal basis is a crude violation of international law."

-AFP/NOW Lebanon

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  • vreb

    Well, at least now the Somaili pirates are in good company alongside the Israeli pirates! And if Israel gets away with this then the somali pirates should also be allowed to roam the open seas freely.

    May 31, 2010