Pro-Assad Syrians rally near Russian, Chinese embassies in Lebanon

Members of the Syrian Diaspora in Lebanon –who support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad –gathered in front of the embassies of Russia and China to “thank their governments for their noble positions vis a vis Syria,” NOW Lebanon’s correspondent reported.

According to the report, the demonstrators rallied near the embassies of Russia and China in Lebanon carrying Syrian flags and posters of Assad.

“The Syrian nationals’ rally was organized to express their gratitude for Russia and China’s support Damascus and [to reject] the conspiracies sought against Syria,” the report added.

Several European nations –notably Britain, France, Germany and Portugal –have joined Washington in pushing for a UN resolution condemning the crackdown on anti-regime protests in Syria but this is opposed by permanent UN Security Council members China and Russia.

The Syrian government is engaged in a deadly crackdown on protesters who since March have been demanding the end of 48 years of rule by the Baath party, which is controlled by Assad.

-NOW Lebanon