Press conference describes Israeli telecom attacks

Israeli penetration of Lebanon’s telecom sector is “clear and proven” and the state and private sector must work together to defend the networks, Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas said Tuesday.

The International Telecommunication Union’s recent resolution “affirms that Lebanese telecommunications utilities were and are subject to Israeli piracy, which means that Israel must pay Lebanon compensation for the damages caused,” he added during a joint press conference with Parliamentary Media and Telecommunications Commission head MP Hassan Fadlallah. 

Fadlallah, in turn, said that Hezbollah has worked with Internal Security Forces (ISF) Information Branch head Colonel Wissam al-Hassan and Lebanese army intelligence to counter phones planted by Israeli agents. He also said that alleged Israeli spies Tariq al-Ribaa and Charbel Kazzi have confessed to providing Israel with telecom information.

During the press conference, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority head Dr. Imad Hoballah said that Israel has set up electronic warfare towers along Lebanon’s border and can crack encrypted data, jam communications, view phone subscribers’ information, and tap their lines.

Israel “controls information and data packets, and can enter a network, shut down parts and transfer information or delete it,” he added.

“They can fabricate calls that originally did not exist.”

Israel can obtain information about mobile phone owners, their location, their numbers, and their other phones, he also said.

“The network is penetrated at any control point, via a person inside the [phone] company, an agent, or another means.”

Hoballah also said that Israel has penetrated UNIFIL’s telecommunications.

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