Parliament approves Palestinian labor rights

The parliament ratified during its Tuesday session a draft proposal to amend Article 50 of the 1946 Lebanese Labor Law to grant Palestinian refugees in Lebanon the right to free-of-charge work permits, NOW Lebanon’s correspondent reported.

The issue of Palestinian rights sparked debate after Democratic Gathering bloc leader MP Walid Jumblatt submitted a proposal to parliament on June 15 to grant Palestinian refugees in Lebanon civil rights. The majority of Christian MPs voted against the bill. The March 14 alliance held several meetings and also formulated its own proposal on the matter.

Lebanon First bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora said during the session that March 14’s proposal does not burden the Lebanese government and continues to hold the international community responsible for the issue of Palestinian rights.

The parliament also approved severance pay for Palestinian employees in Lebanon.

The correspondent also said that the parliament approved the draft oil bill, with Speaker Nabih Berri voicing hope that petroleum resources will help alleviate Lebanon’s public debt.

The joint parliamentary commissions have been discussing a draft oil bill since June, after studies conducted off the Lebanese coast indicated the potential presence of oil and natural gas reserves.

The correspondent also reported that the parliament approved an agreement related to cluster bombs, but added that Hezbollah MPs abstained from voting because they had reservations on the matter.

-NOW Lebanon

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