Okab Sakr slams Mikati

Lebanon First bloc MP Okab Sakr criticized in an interview published on Monday Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s Saturday speech in the South.

“[Mikati] wanted to assure Israel that Hezbollah’s cabinet will preserve stability and does not want to change the rules of the game, and Hezbollah wanted to deliver a message through Mikati that the party will not target [Israel],” he told Saudi Al-Watan newspaper.

The March 14 backed MP also said that former PM Saad Hariri’s absence from Lebanon is preventing political strife in the country.

Mikati visited the South on Saturday for the first time since taking office to meet with Lebanese army officers and tour UNIFIL’s Naqoura headquarters. The PM said during the trip that his cabinet will fully implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and ensure the ceasefire in the South. 

Mikati’s cabinet, which was formed on June 13 and dominated by the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance, was granted parliament’s vote of confidence on July 7.

-NOW Lebanon