Nasrallah promises victory in Syria

Hezbollah's leader upped his rhetoric in support of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Nasrallah. (AFP/Al-Manar)
Nasrallah speech

Hezbollah’s leader on Saturday vowed that Bashar al-Assad and his party would emerge victorious in Syria in a speech where he addressed the mounting criticism aimed at the Shiite party for its military support for Damascus.


“Just as I always promised you victory, I promise you victory once again,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in reference to his group’s military support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


Nasrallah linked the fate of his party to that of the Syrian regime, declaring that “Syria is the backbone of the resistance… and the resistance cannot stand if [Syria] is broken,”


“A new phase has begun to support and protect the Resistance and Lebanon and this is everyone’s responsibility.”


The Hezbollah leader also denied that the death of his party’s fighters in Syria was lowering morale among supporters of the Shiite party, saying that only volunteers were participating in the fighting in Syria.


“We do not need to call for Jihad because by simply saying two words, thousands of Hezbollah members will be ready for battle.”


AFP has reported that 75 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in Syria fighting since late last year, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims 104 members of the Shiite group have died since last autumn.


Nasrallah also voiced fears over the specter of further Syria-linked violence rocking Lebanon, which has now seen a week of deadly sectarian clashes in Tripoli between the pro-Syrian regime Jabal Mohsen neighborhood and the Sunni-populated areas around it that have left 28 people dead as of Sunday morning.


The clashes erupted last Sunday after Syrian regime and Hezbollah troops pressed an assault on the rebel-held town of Al-Qusayr in Syria.


“We disagree regarding Syria. We are fighting in Syria as you are. Let us fight over there… let us put Lebanon aside. Let’s disassociate Lebanon,” Nasrallah said.


“We aim for peace in Sidon. What is happening in Tripoli must stop… The confrontations in Tripoli bring sorrow to everyone.”


Nasrallah further warned that the victory of Islamist extremists in Syria would threaten not only Lebanon, but the whole region.

“If takfiri movements take control [of Syria] then the future of Syria, Lebanon and the region will be painful and brutal,” he said.


The Hezbollah leader also lambasted the Lebanese state, warning that it was not preparing for any future Israeli military campaign against Lebanon.


“I call on all Lebanese state officials and all the country’s people to recognize the real danger we are facing… Israel is preparing itself,” Nasrallah said.


“[Instead] we have a state that cannot secure a funeral for a martyr in Sidon. We have a state that cannot stop the bloody fighting in Tripoli. We have a state that cannot agree on a new electoral law.”


“Can you imagine such a state can deter Israel and stop it?”


However, Nasrallah stressed that "the presence of the state is better than the absence of the state."


"A state is better than chaos, this is the logical and ethical approach."


Nasrallah's warnings of a future Israeli military campaign come amid heightened regional tensions following Israeli military strikes against Syria that purportedly hit weapon shipments aimed for Hezbollah.


The Hezbollah leader earlier in May said that his party would support a campaign against Israel in the Golan Heights and vowed Hezbollah would continue to receive advanced weapons, a move Israel has repeatedly said it would not accept.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks Saturday during a ceremony commemorating Lebanese Liberation Day. (AFP/Al-Manar)

Just as I always promised you victory, I promise you victory once again.

  • NotSure1

    It is really embarrassing to comment on Nasrallah speech. It is like commenting on a 3 year old child. No Logic whatsoever. Who cares if Bashar and Nasrallah emerge victorious, the image is tarnished, ruined, and nothing can fix it. And if Syria is your backbone of the alleged resistance, you better start seeing a Chiropractor. My responsibility and the responsibility of many Shiites are to find the truth, and then I will decide to protect and support the resistance which now I know it doesn’t exist. Yet, I give Nasrallah credit for playing on words: Tripoli and sorrow, Saida, etc., and the best is using the word volunteers: yea “HA people fighting in Syria are volunteers. To volunteer it to do good for humans, not killing them. I guess volunteer and terrorist can be used exchangeably. You are afraid to call for jihad because you know very well that many HA members will not be ready after the truth is exposed. If in your book, killing innocent children and Muslim killing another Muslim is Jihad, then you are doing Karbala again. And don’t hide behind the word Extremist and Takfiri, just say bluntly if Sunni took control it is brutal for the Shiite. Either or, no one wants a religion to be in control whether in Syria or in Lebanon. If you know Israel is preparing itself, then be prepared to resist them supposedly. Don’t waste your people in Syria. Next time before you make a speech be careful and remember the saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones” or better be silent.

    July 25, 2013

  • Finally

    "Fighting wars that aren't meant for Lebanon", that's Hizbollah in a nutshell.

    May 27, 2013

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    This signals the beginning of the end for this Iranian jackass. He wants to fight on the Golan, in Lebanon and in Syria. He wants to bomb foreign interests all over the globe... all of this magalomania with a few thousand Lebanese Shiites from modest Shiite villages in south Lebanon... and with an ever shrinking Iranian purse and a slowly suffocating supply lines from Syria. Yup... I definitely see something on the horizon, but it is not victory for this fundamentalist numskull. It ilooks more like a bright light at the end of the long and dark tunnel that this criminal has dug out for my country.

    May 26, 2013