Murr against hasty decisions on Palestinians rights issue

MP Michel Murr said on Wednesday that he is not against improving the condition of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, however, he added that such issue should be dealt with rightfully without taking any hasty decisions, Al-Markaziyya News Agency reported.

He also said that wonders what prevents the naturalization of Palestinians if they are granted social security and the right of ownership.

This comes after the parliament met during an extraordinary session Tuesday and discussed Democratic Gathering bloc leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s proposal on granting Palestinians in Lebanon civil rights.

MPs from the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc and the Development and Liberation bloc voted in favor of Jumblatt’s bill, while the Kataeb, Lebanese Forces and Change and Reform bloc MPs voted against it.

Speaker Nabih Berri transferred the draft law to the Justice and Administration parliamentary commission for revision.

Murr responded to Jumblatt’s remark last week that the “right-winged parties [in the parliament] are stupid” for not voting with his proposal, saying that “the position of the Christians is smart, not stupid.”

Jumblatt is free to voice the position he pleases, he added.

Murr also said that he supports the positions of Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, adding that Sfeir clarified the remark he made, a reference to the term “so-called Hezbollah” used by the patriarch.

This comes after Hezbollah issued a statement last Friday saying that Sfeir’s term “so-called Hezbollah” in a recent interview is an insult to the party.

“We should deal with Sfeir as a national reference,” Murr said.

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