MP Jumblatt: We have entered the US-Syrian bargaining market

MP Walid Jumblatt, head of the Democratic Gathering bloc, called for the election of a new president to manage the present crisis.

“This is better than presidential vacuum,” Jumblatt noted. “Pending problems could be discussed and solved later on,” he added.

Commenting on the possibility of a deal between the US and Syria at the Annapolis Conference, Jumblatt said, “The Syrian regime is a good negotiator. We are waiting to see how the US reacts,” he added.

 “We don’t want Lebanon to be the victim of the Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian course,” Jumblatt declared.

When asked about his latest statement in which he called for the postponement of pending problems such as diplomatic exchange with Syria, Hezbollah’s arms and relevant international resolutions, Jumblatt said that he is not ashamed of his stance.

“Yes, I have taken a much more moderate stance, for the Lebanese are afraid of chaos and internal confrontations,” Jumblatt declared.

“The opposition must take these fears into consideration,” he said. “If not, they would be crazy,” he added.

Jumblatt said he is willing to take responsibility, that his acts and statements are based on international and regional data, and that tense confrontations do not solve any problems.

“I have tried hard to put pressure on the Syrian regime. The US said it will impose sanctions… and that it supports the election of a president with a simple majority if the Maronite Patriarch accepts, but he does not,” Jumblatt declared.

He also reiterated his commitment to March 14. “I haven’t abandoned my allies in March 14,” he reaffirmed.

-NOW Staff