Mikati: History book issue 'on hold'

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Tuesday that “the history book issue is on hold until it acquires the endorsement of the majority of Lebanese.”

Mikati’s statement on his social networking website Twitter account came following his meeting with Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel and a delegation of students affiliated with the Kataeb Party.

Kataeb Party and the NLP students staged a demonstration on Saturday against a curriculum proposal for a Lebanese history book in Downtown Beirut near the Grand Serail.

The curriculum proposed by a ministerial committee tasked with developing a new Lebanese history textbook does not mention the “Cedar Revolution,” the 2005 protest movement that led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, or refer to the Syrian military presence in Lebanon.

The debate over a standardized account of Lebanon’s modern history has been ongoing for more than two decades. The Taif Accord, a reconciliation pact passed in 1990 to end the country’s civil war, called for the implementation of a unified curriculum.
-NOW Lebanon