Merhebi calls for protecting areas on borders with Syria

In remarks published Friday, Future bloc MP Mouin al-Merhebi called on the UN to demarcate Lebanese-Syrian borders and send international troops to guarantee the safety of Lebanese areas close to Syrian borders.

Merhebi’s statement comes after AFP on Thursday quoted a Lebanese local official as saying that Syrian troops “were seen planting mines” along a region bordering northern Lebanon.

“What concerns us is that these mines are planted inside Syria and not Lebanon,” he told As-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The MP said that the “only threat” resulting from the mines is “obstructing” Syrian nationals from “fleeing death” from and arriving to a “safe place.”

“[These mines threaten] to obstruct the transferal of injured people from Syria to Lebanon.”

“Maybe the Syrian regime has the desire to increase the number of the victims [through] its suppression,” Merhebi added.

According to the UN, the Syrian regime's crackdown on protests has killed more than 3,000 people. Thousands have fled to Lebanon.

-NOW Lebanon

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