Mansour: Five Lebanese killed in Syria, bodies still there

Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour said Thursday that five Lebanese nationals were killed in strife-stricken Syria, adding that the bodies have not yet been recovered.

“Five Lebanese were killed inside Syria. Their bodies are still there and have not yet been delivered [to Lebanon],” Mansour told Al-Manar television.

“We want to stop smuggling into Syria and vice versa,” he added.

The FM also said that there were groups seeking to “blow up relations between Lebanon and Syria.”

“We will not accept [these attempts] and will confront them forcefully… because the [mutual ties] are stable and will continue.”

On Monday, Sleiman accused Syria of violating Lebanese territory after a house in East Lebanon was hit by a blast and shells fell on the northern border. The president requested Mansour send a letter of complaint to Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, to address the issue.

Mansour said on Wednesday that he handed over a letter to Syrian authorities requesting them “to avoid the repetition of border incidents.”

However, the FM said that “the letter will not include complaints, but rather a [remark] on a number of violations that happened unintentionally.”

In turn, Syria responded to the official protest with its own letter of protest "dealing with violations on the Lebanese border against Syria in the past five months," a diplomatic source told AFP.

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