LF fires back at Franjieh over Ehden comments

Marada Movement leader MP Sleiman Franjieh inaccurately and selectively recounted history in the interview he gave to LBC television on Thursday evening, the Lebanese Forces (LF) said on Friday.

Franjieh was wrong to describe the 1978 Ehden massacre as the “price” of a reconciliation meeting between former Prime Minister Rashid Karami and then-President Sleiman Franjieh (his grandfather) that aimed to restore relations between Tripoli and Zgharta, the LF’s media relations department said in a statement.

Franjieh forgot that his grandfather President Franjieh was involved in the “adoption of political decentralization as a project to solve the bloody struggle in Lebanon,” the statement said.

Furthermore, although it is true that PM Karami and President Franjieh held a reconciliation meeting in 1978, MP Franjieh neglected to mention that Marada Movement members assassinated Kataeb members and Zgharta figures both before and after the meeting, the statement said.

“Accordingly, the tragic and reprehensible Ehden event did not occur as a result of the Franjieh–Karami reconciliation, but because of the criminal acts and assassinations that preceded and followed it,” it added.

“[These killings] were an implementation of the Marada decision at the beginning of 1978 to cleanse the north of any party presence, especially the Kataeb, through intimidation, torture, assassination, murder and expulsion.”

MP Franjieh survived the 1978 Ehden massacre that left his father, then-minister Tony Franjieh, his mother, his sister, and up to thirty others dead. The Marada Movement accuses the LF of deliberately plotting to assassinate the Franjieh family.

Franjieh made the comments to LBC Thursday evening in a lengthy interview during which he discussed the current talks on cabinet formation.

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