Lebanon announces cabinet line-up

A Lebanese cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, was formed on Monday after almost five months of deliberations between the March 8 parties.

The detailed cabinet lineup was announced by the Cabinet Secretary General Suheil Bouji, who officially declared the resignation of outgoing PM Saad Hariri’s government and the appointment of Najib Mikati as premier.

The March 14 alliance had announced that it will not take part in the Mikati cabinet following the forced collapse of Hariri’s unity government.

Cabinet line-up:

-Prime Minister: Najib Mikati (Sunni)
-Deputy Prime Minister: Samir Moqbel (Orthodox)

President’s share:

-Minister of Interior: Marwan Charbel (Maronite, also considered close to the Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Environment: Nazem al-Khoury (Maronite)

Prime Minister’s share:

-Minister of Finance: Mohammad Safadi (Sunni)
-Minister of Youth and Sports: Faisal Karami (Sunni)
-Minister of Education: Hassan Diab (Sunni)
-Minister of Information: Walid Daouq (Sunni)
-Minister of State: Ahmad Karami (Sunni)

Change and Reform bloc:

-Minister of Justice: Shakib Qortbawi (Maronite, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Labor: Charbel Nahhas (Catholic, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Tourism: Fadi Abboud (Maronite, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minster of Energy and Water: Gebran Bassil (Maronite, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Economy: Nicolas Nahhas (Orthodox, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Telecommunications: Nicolas Sehnaoui (Catholic, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Culture: Gaby Layoun (Orthodox, Free Patriotic Movement)
-Minister of Defense: Fayez Ghosn (Orthodox, Marada Movement)
-Minister of State: Salim Karam (Maronite, Marada Movement)
-Minister of State: Panos Manajian (Armenian Orthodox, Tashnaq Party)
-Minister of Industry: Freije Sabounjian (Armenian Orthodox, Tashnaq Party)

Progressive Socialist Party:

-Minister of Public Works and Transportation: Ghazi Aridi (Druze)
-Minister of Social Affairs: Wael Abu Faour (Druze)
-Minister of the Displaced: Alaeddine Terro (Sunni)


-Minister of State for Administrative Reform: Mohammad Fneish (Shia)
-Minister of Agriculture: Hussein Hajj Hassan (Shia)


-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Adnan Mansour (Shia)
-Minster of Public Health: Ali Hassan Khalil (Shia)

Lebanese Democratic Party:

-Minister of State: Talal Arslan (Druze)


-Minister of State for Parliament Affairs: Nicolas Fattouch (Catholic)


-Minister of State: Ali Qanso (Shia, Syrian Social Nationalist Party)

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  • rabih2

    They can't run a farm let alone a country. I feel sorry for the 3.5 million Lebanese having to put up with these so called leaders.

    June 13, 2011

  • Hassan

    It was very important you put the sect. Thank you!!

    June 13, 2011

  • Abou Ali

    Just heard that Talal Arslan has quit..... What a joke this Government...(...)

    June 13, 2011

  • mowaten

    but... but... but... !!!?!?!?!? didnt march 14 swear that this wouldnt happen? didnt they keep repeating it until this morning? how come???

    June 13, 2011

  • Mick

    (...). This majority is definately not going to last, thats for sure.

    June 13, 2011

  • Marillion

    What a great bunch, after all this waiting this is what Mr Mikati came up with.Mabrook

    June 13, 2011