Lebanese human rights group calls for action on prison problem

The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) on Monday called on politicians to take action to improve the conditions of inmates at Roumieh Prison.

In a statement voicing solidarity with inmates’ demands, the group condemned “outrageously slow justice, security services flouting the citizens’ fundamental rights with complete impunity, ministers passing the buck to each other and Parliament endlessly prevaricating.”

Citing overcrowding as the immediate problem and the prolonged detention of persons without trial as the underlying cause, the center called for real action based on “practical recommends [that] have been analyzed and discussed on many occasions, but remained unimplemented.”

The statement listed recommendations that included the renovation and maintenance of prisons, compliance with international norms and Lebanese governing law, due process and detention, the review of unfair trials, and regular prison inspections.

Roumieh inmates and their families outside the prison have protested during recent months, demanding a general amnesty and an improvement in the badly-overcrowded prison’s conditions.

-NOW Lebanon

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