Jumblatt: Dialogue is the only option

MP Walid Jumblatt, head of the Democratic Gathering bloc said he supports dialogue with Speaker Nabih Berri.

“It is possible to reach an agreement with Berri over solutions. Preserving contacts prevents the increase in the existing tension in the street. Our main concern is to avoid any explosion in the street,” Jumblatt told Al-Hayat daily.

“Dialogue is an occasion for March 14 to reiterate its commitment to the recommendations taken by  the national roundtable dialogue, over the need to implement the decisions regarding the drawing for the border with Syria, especially the Shebaa Farms, the matter of diplomatic representation with Syria and ending Palestinian military presence outside Palestinian camps,’ he added.

Jumblatt noted the divergence in point of views between opposition leaders over dialogue. “MP Michel Aoun is rejecting dialogue while Berri is calling for it. If this is a maneuver on their behalf, let us check their intentions.”

“If this dialogue will not lead to the election of a president, the public opinion will be at least informed of the obstructing party,” he added.

“Probably this is the justification of the Syrian support to dialogue,” Jumblatt declared.

He also noted that March 14 forces must agree over the electoral law. “Dialogue will indicate the matter over which we can agree with the opposition.”

-NOW Staff