Jumblatt accuses Syrian regime of
ethnic cleansing plan in Homs

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt said on Tuesday that the Syrian regime was committing ethnic cleansing and trying to change the demography in Homs by destroying all property records.


“In addition to shelling and systemic killing in Homs, the Syrian regime is also destroying property records… in a plan to transform the minority into a majority through several steps, including the killing and the displacing of the population,” Jumblatt said in his weekly statement published by Al-Anbaa newspaper.


Jumblatt also said that the Homs battle “will be decisive and will form a turning point on multiple levels.”


“Burning property records will allow their replacement with other property [records] to people with a different sectarian and political background [and spread them] between the coastal area and Damascus,” Jumblatt added.


“The massacres committed in Banias and Al-Bayda can be classified in this context, in an attempt to create a new demographic reality and to surround the great cities with residential complexes [for non-Syrian] homogenous groups of people,” the PSP leader added.


Jumblatt also voiced his condemnation and surprise over the international community’s silence over the events in Syria.


President Bashar al-Assad's forces have been joined by fighters from Lebanese militia Hezbollah in a fierce assault on Homs. The key central city has been under siege for more than a year.

The Homs battle will be decisive and will form a turning point on multiple levels.