Judge Mirza sentences 9 defendants to death for murder of two Lebanese boys

State Prosecutor Judge Said Mirza issued the final verdict in the case of the “two Ziads.”

Twenty-five-year-old Ziad Qabalan and twelve-year-old Ziad al-Ghandour were kidnapped in 2007 in Hazmieh and Jadra, respectively, and subsequently shot dead with unlicensed weapons.

The case has identified 19 defendants, including Syrian and Lebanese nationals. Four have been arrested, eight released and six have escaped and remain at large.

Mirza has issued a warrant for the arrest of the six fugitives.

Judge Mirza sentenced nine defendants to the death penalty. Three defendants were released for lack of evidence.

The “two Ziads” disappeared in early 2007, and media rumors have linked the crime to political revenge for the murder of a member of the Bekaa’s Shamas clan. Ghandour and Qabalan were both active members of pro-government parties.

-NOW Staff

  • essam

    Lets hope thats the start of proper punishments of murderers and the fugitive get brought to justices..

    July 8, 2008