Jordanian police restrain protestors outside Israeli Embassy

Jordan police Friday prevented more than 2,000 angry demonstrators protesting the Israeli war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip from reaching Israel's embassy in Amman.

Protestors set off after Friday prayers from Kaloti mosque for the embassy, about one kilometer away in western Amman area, but a cordon of police halted them.

Some demonstrators throw onions at the police but no clashes were reported.

Wearing traditional Palestinian kuffiya and carrying Palestinian and Jordanian flags, the protesters chanted "no Israel embassy on Arab territory," and "Arab rulers are cowards."

Protestors also carried banners that read "Gaza 2009: Your Majesties and Excellencies Arab Leaders, Happy New Massacre," and burned Israeli flags as a group of children carried a banner saying, "Stop killing our little friends."

Residents in surrounding buildings stood on their balconies waving national and Palestinian flags.

Protesters also set up a symbolic cemetery near the mosque with the word "Gazan" written on each "grave."

Close to 800 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Israel launched its offensive on December 27.