Israeli MK announces Netanyahu plan to solve Shebaa, Ghajar, Golan issues

Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday that Israeli MK Ayoub Kara said Likud Party leader Benyamin Netanyahu’s plan after taking office as Israeli Prime Minister would be “surprising to the whole world.”

Kara added that according to Likud’s plan the Shebaa Farms, Ghajar village, Golan Heights and Palestinian cause would become the focus of attention in the peace process.

The paper also said a private committee would be in charge of the issue of the Shebaa Farms and Ghajar, conducting surveys among residents to determine which country they would like to join: Lebanon or Syria.

“If the residents of Ghajar say they have proof that they carry Syrian IDs and announce they reject joining Lebanon, how are we supposed to negotiate with Lebanon about this issue?” he asked.

He added Shebaa’s fate depended on Hezbollah’s position and noted “we aim to prevent Hezbollah from being present in the border area or even to dominate it, in addition to ensuring stability along the Lebanese-Israeli borders.”

Al-Hayat quoted Kara as saying this issue could be achieved through cooperation with UNIFIL.

He added that the situation over the Lebanese-Syrian-Israeli borders relied on the new US administration’s relationship with both Syria and Iran.

“Any agreement between the three parties will lead to a change of Iranian policy and will definitely reflect Tehran’s relations with both Syrian and Lebanon,” Kara said.   

-NOW Staff