If Iran had not supported the Syrian Baath regime

Syria has become one of the few friends Iran has left, after it was blatantly sanctioned by the West, the U.S and other states in the region after the Islamic revolution. In fact, Iran often preferred to promote this relationship as having exaggeratedly more geopolitical value than it really had. Not unlike the existence of a resistance movement in the very unique political, social and geopolitical structure of Lebanon. In other words, the political thread of Iran-Syria-Lebanon is based on as many exaggerations and speculations as the “Iranian Threat” that is inflated by the West, the U.S and Israel.

Let’s leave aside the above mentioned clichés for a moment — because these approaches truly have been turned into clichés. Moving beyond these readings, which have become impossible to verify or falsify, will clear the path for different perspectives. Let our question be this: What kind of political picture would emerge had Iran not provided support to the Syrian Baath regime?

1. First of all, the geopolitical platitudes mentioned above would have been dismantled.

2. We would have seen evidence of the existence of the front dubbed the “resistance front” by Iran.

3. It would have become apparent once again that Syria, from which Hamas was forced to withdraw, was not actually a genuine supporter of the Palestinian cause.

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