Hezbollah: The Lebanese army has joined the enemy

A Hezbollah source told the Kuwaiti daily As-Seyassah that the party has issued an internal memorandum noting increased provocation against the resistance and the cover some Lebanese factions are providing to any possible Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

“Hezbollah’s enemies have seen signals of weakness in the party’s decision not to retaliate yet to the assassination of Imad Mugniyah, and this might encourage Israel and its Lebanese allies to come up with a new adventure. Media reports have been focusing lately on Hezbollah’s activities in establishing military bases. This is also part of the provocation against the resistance,” the memorandum said.

The source added that Hezbollah no longer has good relations with the Lebanese army.

“Members of an official security service that is allied with March 14 have been talking about the cameras placed near airport runway 17 for several weeks. When the cameras were discovered, the information was released through the defense minister, and the Army Intelligence Services confirmed it. This means that the historical close relationship between the Lebanese army and the resistance is over for good. The military institution has taken sides with the other party,” the source said.

The internal memorandum also said that an Israeli report has confirmed Hezbollah’s suspicion that a PSP official was involved in Mugniyah’s assassination.

“Hezbollah called on its officials to take security measures and move into secondary residences. It also called on its members to be prepared for any scenario,” the source added.

He also said that the present campaign against Hezbollah is more dangerous than the 2006 July War. “Internal factions are participating in this campaign, and as the number of our allies has decreased, so has their readiness to provide the party with a political cover, especially since the FPM, headed by MP Michel Aoun, has become inefficient on the Christian level. The same is true of Hezbollah’s Sunni allies.”

“Thus, Hezbollah will be more or less alone in the coming confrontation,” he added.

-NOW Staff

  • Sami

    Funny that all are talking about the "respected"Shiaa sect.But no one is willing to admit that this sect had made its mind in more than one election, it voted out the Asaad family, the Hamadeh family, the Zein, 3sayran, Khaleel, Baydoon etc (Feudal lords) and replaced them Totally by Hizeb(13 Mp's and Amal 14 MP's).This is our choice, make your own choices if you are democratic and stop patronizing this "respected "Shiaa sect.

    May 8, 2008

  • GPC (Friday-Lunch-Club Blog)

    Hezballah telling Assiyassah? You must be kidding? This is like Bush badmouthing Hugo Chavez to Iranian press. Assiyassah is a pile of crap.

    May 8, 2008

  • malek

    this is what i cal pure propaganda! march 14 keep dreaming

    May 7, 2008

  • essam

    A scenario worth of an Oscar !!! ..as they start feeling the gradual loss of support (as a RESISTANCE ONLY) within the whole of the Lebanese will fabricate whatever possible to ignite an unrest in Lebanon,and as the International Court gets closer, and more pressure on Iran Nuclear program, the worse it may get..as for the PSP involvement in the killing of Mugnieh,is the Icing on the cake..we were all told the investigation will be completed within 2 months,what are they waiting for to come up with the result ??..the right moment to use for further unrest in Lebanon as the summer season approaches...the sooner such a Cncer is terminated the better for all,starting with the respected Shiaa .

    May 7, 2008