Hezbollah salutes Eilat’s “heroic operation”

Hezbollah on Friday issued a statement saluting the “heroic operation which was executed by resistant militants and resulted in killing and injuring tens of Israeli soldiers and settlers.”

“We are proud of the heroes that executed this operation, despite the [group] they belong to, … only these actions can let the enemy know that they cannot occupy this land forever,” the statement added.

The statement also condemned the “violent assaults which were executed by the ‘Zionist killing machine’ against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and against Egyptian soldiers.”

An attack on an Israeli bus on Thursday killed six civilians and a soldier on two desert roads near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat. Israel accused a Gaza-based militant group, the Popular Resistance Committee of being behind the attacks.

-NOW Lebanon

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  • Nabil Ghandour

    Really now there is NOTHING HEROIC about the Eilat attack.. This is not a Hollywood action movie : real innocent people, children, were killed in retaliation. Stop the loosing/ heroic acts. It's not worth it. The retaliation is always much much stronger. So who's winning now you think ??

    August 20, 2011

  • alsidani

    what about the innocent palestinians in lattiquieh, forced marched out of their house ,bombarded,killed,arrested,why hizballah dont issue any statement same for hamas, why they are mutes suddenly what about the syrian killing machines like the shabbiha that proudely displays nasrallah pictures next to assad's on their cars,mute again!

    August 19, 2011