Hezbollah officials comment
on Israeli strike on Damascus

Hezbollah Executive Council Deputy Chairman Sheikh Nabil Qaouq said on Monday that the Israeli strikes on Damascus aimed at covering the failure of the Syrian rebels.


“When the Israeli enemy bombed Damascus, it wanted to cover the local failure of the tools of strife,” Qaouq was quoted by the National News Agency as saying.


“The strikes would have never taken place, had they not had a cover from the US and the Arab League,” he added.


Meanwhile, the leader of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc said that the Israeli strikes on Syria confirmed that the :Israeli project and the takfiri terrorist project" were interrelated.


“The Israeli strikes that targeted Syria undoubtedly confirm that the Israeli and the takfiri terrorist projects are one, and they should be treated on that basis,” Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad said.


The Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that an Israeli raid this week took place overnight Saturday, with at least three Israeli strikes on Syrian military sites.


A senior Israeli source said the attacks hit Iranian weapons destined for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, which is allied with the Syrian regime.


The alleged attacks come after Israel purportedly hit a target in Syria overnight Thursday.


Meanwhile, Hezbollah has been reportedly fighting on the side of the Syrian regime against rebels in the Homs province and outside Damascus, with news outlets in the past weeks reporting that a number of party members had been killed in fighting in Syria.

The strikes would have never taken place, had they not had a cover from the US and the Arab League.