Hezbollah critic and relatives threatened

A prominent critic of Hezbollah told NOW on Tuesday that members of the Shiite party set fire to the entrance of his relatives' house in South Lebanon and threatened him and his family.


“Hezbollah members burned the entrance my [relatives’] home in the town of Yahmour,” Rami Ollaik said, adding that a letter was left at the scene of the attack that warned, "You have to leave and not come back.”


Ollaik—the author of the autobiographical The Bees Road and its recently published sequel Under The Green Waters—added that his uncle’s internet shop in the southern town was also set ablaze.


The American University of Beirut professor elaborated that his uncle was a character in his works that were sharply critical of Hezbollah, which according to him angered the attackers.


Ollaik told NOW that one of his relatives studying at Lebanese University was also threatened.


The author revealed that the attacks come two days before he was set to host a signing of an unabridged English-language edition of his book The Bees Road.


He said that a lot of the fans of his works are Lebanese Shiites who are “unhappy with what [Hezbollah] is doing to them.”


Taking all these together, the [attackers] couldn’t take it anymore."


Despite the intimidations, Ollaik said, “I am not afraid, and am still pushing and trying to raise awareness, especially [among] the Shiite people of the south.”


Ollaik was formerly a member of Hezbollah and served as the party’s representative at AUB from 1992 to 1996.


After leaving the Shiite party he pursued graduate studies and in 2008 wrote his autobiography The Bees Road, which sharply criticizes Hezbollah. The sequel to his autobiography, Under the Green Waters, was published in 2012.


The university professor founded the Lebanon Ahead political movement.

They also threatened one of my relatives who studies in Lebanese University.

  • lillylena

    what to say some people the pen is their weapon and other's killing is their way to live.good for you Rami Thumb up for you , God bless

    May 22, 2013