Hariri denies sending fighters to Syria

Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri refuted accusations made against him by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah claiming that the former dispatches fighters to help Syrian rebels.


“These accusations are… a fabrication,” Hariri said in a statement released by his press office Friday night following a televised speech delivered by Nasrallah.


“Sayyed Hassan was not successful in attributing the crimes committed by his party in Syria to the Future Movement,” he added.


Hezbollah-led troops defeated rebels in Al-Qusayr on June 5, weeks after Nasrallah promised his Shiite party would emerge victorious in its fighting alongside the Syrian regime.                                             


The Future leader also lashed out at the speech delivered by Hezbollah’s secretary general, saying that it contained “disinformation.”


“It seems that Sayyed Hassan has exerted a huge rhetorical effort to justify engaging in this path and to beautify the political goals of the participation of Hezbollah fighters in the Syrian war,” Hariri noted.


Hezbollah’s leader on Friday said that his party would continue its military role in Syria and warned against sectarian rhetoric amid the growing tension between Sunnis and Shiites following Hezbollah’s military intervention on the side of the Bashar al-Assad regime.


Nasrallah also warned that opponents of his party and the Assad regime were “trying to create a sectarian war in the region.”


“The crisis in Syria is not pitting two sects against each other, the battle in Syria is not sectarian, but those who consider it as such are those who are weak and those who are losing out,” Nasrallah said.

These accusations are a fabrication.