Gunmen attack security forces during Bekaa hash operation

A group of gunmen attacked security force members who were attempting to raze fields of hashish in the Bekaa Valley on Monday, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The armed individuals launched several missiles and shot at the units destroying a field in the Bekaa town of Ollaq, the NNA reported, adding that nobody was injured in the incident.

“[The perpetrators] fled the scene in four cars after the ten-minute firefight.”

Vehicles owned by Office of Drug Control chief Colonel Adel Mashmoushi and LBC television crew member Mohammad Ali Ahmad were hit during the clash, the report also said.

Mashmoushi added that the amount of hashish found in the operation would have been enough to flood the Lebanese market for many years.

He also said that the razing operations will continue for at least a month.

Earlier in the day, security forces came under fire while razing hashish fields in the Bekaa Valley town of Boudai.

-NOW Lebanon