General Michael Aoun Backs Hezbollah Worldwide

During his press release on Monday April 14, 2008, Michael Aoun replied to a question reassuring that his alliance with Hezbollah is not a local one concerning limited issues but rather a worldwide alliance that stretches beyond Lebanon's borders. It is not clear as to why General Aoun will stretch his support of Hezbollah from the local scene, which some may consider Hezbollah a “resistance” group and to the international arena where Hezbollah’s illegal activities are limitless, stretching from money laundering and drug dealings to kidnappings, bombing, and killings. More shocking is that Aoun's announcement came less than two months after Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah launched an open war on the US and its allies in the Middle East region. However, many observers believe that Aoun has become a puppet in the hands of Hezbollah due to the financial support Aoun and his son in law Jibran Bassil have been receiving from the terrorist group Hezbollah. In fact, some expected harsh criticism from Aoun towards the US after he openly accused the latter of assassinating Hezbollah's military leader Imad Mughneyeh last month in the capital of Syria, but no one expected that he would link himself to Hezbollah on the international arena.

Furthermore, media outlets reported that Hezbollah has contracted many buildings in the southern suburb of Beirut, which were destroyed by the Israeli warplanes in the July 2006 war, in a price that greatly exceed the real cost. Mr. Bassil has been also delivering and distributing weapons to his supporters, which is believed to have come from Hezbollah. Moreover, Mr. Bassil, along with Shiite MP Abas Hashem, has been helping Hezbollah purchase Christian properties in north and Mount Lebanon. On the other hand, many experts believe that Aoun has become a hostage of Hezbollah since his own security depends on them after the terrorist group has infiltrated most, if not all, of Aoun’s groups especially his own security one.

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