Former Speaker MP Hussein Husseini resigns from parliament

MP Hussein Husseini on Tuesday announced his resignation from parliament.

He said that preserving his country in the midst of the events in the region and the world was not an easy task.

“We are surprised by the violence we have witnessed lately. Conflict has escalated as we have been unable to build a state,” he commented.
He thanked all those who helped reach the Doha Agreement and remove barricades through electing a new president, “because this was the only means to move from illegitimacy to legitimacy.”

“We can describe the parliament as legal but illegitimate,” Husseini added.

He questioned whether anyone has the authority to force a minister to resign or stay, “because this does not fit into the Lebanese culture of freedom, diversity and partnership.”

“I have never seen the constitution torn as it has been torn recently. We have never learned from the past,” he concluded.

-NOW Staff

  • william

    I don't know what his true motives are but I do agree with his statement...

    August 13, 2008

  • essam

    Excellent words...just words, that everyone knows the full meaning of BUT totally ignored as a State won't fit in well within their agendas & thats doesn't just applies to Hizbo & Co....shame on the people that elect such leaders & believe every word they say....all these years & look where we are, back to square 1, in fact -1 ...

    August 12, 2008