Fadlallah: Lebanon not concerned with economic sanctions on Syria

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah commented on Tuesday on the recent sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime saying that punitive measures do not concern Lebanon.

“These sanctions do not concern Lebanon, and we [will not be used to target and besiege Syria], impose sanctions on it, or smuggle weapons,” the National News Agency (NNA) quoted him as saying.

When Syria is stable, secure and invulnerable so is Lebanon, said Fadlallah.

The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP added that the situation in Syria cannot be resolved by ““internationalizing” it, or issuing sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, but “through dialogue and cooperation among all Syrian factions.”

“Those who conspire against Syria want to bring it down since it is a main pillar" of the Resistance, Fadlallah also said.

NNA reported that “no [Lebanese party] should think that it can control Lebanon and dictate the government’s decisions by ‘shouting from time to time,’ or by gambling on the possible changes in the [Syrian regime].”

The Arab League on Sunday voted sweeping sanctions against Damascus to punish the regime for failing to halt its deadly crackdown on anti-government protests - the first time the bloc enforces sanctions of this magnitude on one of its members.

Nineteen Arab League members voted for the sanctions. Iraq abstained and said it would refuse to implement them, while Lebanon disassociated itself.


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