21:19 The Arab League on Sunday proposed a plan to end the bloodshed in Syria and expects President Bashar al-Assad to respond on Monday and take "concrete steps," Qatar's foreign minister said.

 19:20 An anti-regime protest started in Homs, Al-Jazeera television reported.

 15:46 Rival groups of pro and anti-Syrian regime protesters rallied near the Syrian Embassy in Beirut’s Hamra area, the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

 14:48 Syrian security forces raided Hama’s Karanaz in search of defected soldiers, Al-Jazeera television reported on Sunday.

 14:27 China cautioned Syria that its “dangerous situation” must end, AFP reported on Sunday.

 12:57 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Russian television on Sunday he expected continued support from Moscow even as his regime comes under growing condemnation for its crackdown on the opposition.

 11:24 Syrian activists on Sunday urged the Arab League to freeze the country's membership in the 22-member organization over the deadly crackdown on pro-democracy protests.

 10:54 Lebanon's economy is feeling the strain of a seven-month uprising against Syria's Bashar al-Assad, as the increasingly violent revolt takes its toll on tourism, trade and capital inflows.

 9:58 Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt on Sunday slammed attempts to intimidate Syrian opposition figures in Lebanon and called for the protection of refugees pouring into the country.

 9:14 Arab League ministers who have visited Syria warned President Bashar al-Assad to stop violence and start reforms or face an international intervention, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported Sunday.

 7:56 Twenty Syrian soldiers were killed on Saturday and 53 wounded in clashes with presumed army deserters, while 10 security agents and a deserter were killed in a bus ambush, activists said.

 7:47 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that any Western intervention would cause an "earthquake" inflaming the region, after dozens died in one of the bloodiest days of the uprising against his rule.

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