11:04 Arab League Deputy Secretary-General Ahmad Ben Hali told Al-Arabiya television Thursday evening that Syrian authorities have 15 days to implement the Arab League proposal’s provisions before dialogue can kick off between the regime and the opposition.

 22:41 Syria will only deepen its international isolation if it fails to abide by a deal with the Arab League to stop killing protesters, the United States warned.

 19:07 Security forces are raiding Homs’ Bayyada area amid heavy gunfire, the Syrian Revolution General Commission told Al-Arabiya.

 18:47 Syrian troops killed 20 civilians and arrested dozens on Thursday, a rights watchdog said.

 18:08 EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged Syria on Thursday to implement "fully and rapidly" an Arab League plan to end a months of bloodshed.

Gunfire targeting shepherds erupted along the Lebanese-Syrian border, while an injured Syrian national was transferred to a hospital in Lebanon, the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

 17:04 Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour said that he is “optimistic” about the possibility of resolving the Syrian crisis, the National News Agency reported.

 15:38 The Arab League plan accepted by Damascus to end the bloodshed in Syria is a life raft for President Bashar al-Assad's regime as it sets no real deadlines and stipulates no implementation mechanisms, analysts say.

 14:48 The Syrian Coordination Committees told Al-Arabiya that the security forces have so far killed 12 people on Thursday.

 14:34 Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi met Syrian opposition figures Thursday, a day after Damascus agreed to open talks with dissidents, a member of the Syrian National Council said.

 13:42 Thursday’s death toll in the Syrian city of Homs has risen to seven people, a human right group said. 

 11:04 China on Thursday welcomed an Arab League plan to end nearly eight months of bloodshed in Syria, calling on all sides in the strife-torn nation to end the violence.

 9:34 Syrian troops killed three people in the flashpoint central city of Homs on Thursday, a human rights group said, just one day after Damascus pledged to withdraw its forces from protest centers under an Arab League plan to end the bloodshed.

 8:07 Syrian army tanks are shelling Homs’ neighborhood of Baba Amro, Al-Arabiya quoted activists as saying.

 8:00 Syria on Wednesday fully accepted an Arab League plan to end nearly eight months of bloodshed, a League official said, but Washington said President Bashar al-Assad still had to go. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for "stronger condemnation by the UN" of the killing of civilians in Syria.

 7:54 The Syrian army opened fire at neighborhoods in Homs, Al-Arabiya television quoted activists as saying.

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