20:50 Opposition leaders said that no dialogue will be held with the Syrian regime, except on the topic of its downfall, Al-Arabiya television reported.

 20:05 President Bashar al-Assad will issue within hours a decree to form a national dialogue committee, Al-Arabiya television reported.

 20:00 Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour told New TV on Wednesday that the result of the Arab League meeting on Syria serves “as a victory for the Arab will to resolve the Syrian crisis.”

The Syrian Revolution General Commission said President Bashar al-Assad’s regime does not recognize the Syrian opposition, Al-Arabiya television reported.

 19:37 The White House said Wednesday, after the Arab League revealed Syria had agreed to a plan to end political violence, that it had not changed its position that President Bashar al-Assad should go.

 19:29 The Syrian opposition has voiced hope the Syrian regime would step down without causing significant losses, Al-Arabiya television reported.

 19:25 Al-Jazeera television is broadcasting live footage of an anti-regime protest in Al-Harak.

 18:59 Syria’s Wednesday death toll has risen to 24 people, activist told Al-Arabiya television.

 17:53 Deserters killed 15 members of the security forces in two operations in Hama province of central Syria on Wednesday, a rights group said.

Syria fully accepted an Arab League plan to end nearly eight months of bloodshed, during a ministerial meeting at the organization’s Cairo headquarters, a League official said.

 17:06 The Arab League is holding a meeting to study Syria’s response to the Arab delegation’s proposal, Al-Arabiya reported.

 16:34 chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday demanded an immediate end to the Syrian government's crackdown on civilian protesters that has killed more than 3,000 people since mid-March, according to UN figures.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin wants the United Nations to take a firmer line on Syria's attacks on civilians.

 15:11 Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali said his country agreed with the Arab delegation on major points.

 15:09 US Congressman Steve Chabot commented on “Syrian violations of Lebanese sovereignty” and slammed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

 14:11 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallem will not attend the Arab Foreign Ministers’ meeting planned to be held later in the day at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Lebanese station MTV reported.

 14:09 A diplomatic source told MTV television that freezing Syria’s membership in Arab League is not probable

 12:42 Syria's largest opposition group on Wednesday urged the Arab League to freeze the country's membership in the Arab League and to recognize it as the representative of the "revolution.”

 10:51 Gunmen killed 10 workers when they stormed a factory in the central Syrian province of Homs on Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

 10:46 WARNING: A graphic YouTube video purportedly filmed on Wednesday shows the bodies of approximately nine people killed by security forces in the Homs’ town of Houla. The bodies hands are tied and were apparently tortured before being killed.

 10:44 Syrian security forces are shelling Homs’ neighborhood of Baba Amro, Al-Jazeera television quoted activists as saying on Wednesday.

 10:04 Security forces killed 13 people in Homs’ Houla in “a massacre”, Al-Arabiya reported.

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