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21:50 Dozens of anti-regime supporters were arrested on Friday, out of which were indentified: Ninar Hassan, Sohbi Malaqi, Zaher al-Omrein and Deha Hassan. (F.N.N)

21:46 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Daraa shows protesters setting on fire a statue of late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad.

21:39 Syrian security forces close all roads leading to Latakia city, Al-Jazeera reports

21:20 All roads leading to Syrian city of Latakia have been closed, city under siege. (S.N.N)

21:15 People killed in Tall area near Damascus, military hospital filled with wounded people. (F.N.N)

21:28 Ten people were killed Friday in clashes between protesters and security forces in the southern Syrian city of Sanamen, a high-ranking official told AFP.

21:00 Residents of Douma, which is near Damascus, gather in the city’s square to support anti-regime protests. (F.N.N)

20:51 AFP: Syrian official says 10 killed in south Syria protest

20:50 Anti-regime protesters clash with security forces in Damascus neighborhood of Maadamieh. (F.N.N)

20:30 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Syrian city of Homs shows security forces changing outfits to look like civilians in order to provoke anti-regime protesters, reports have said.

20:00 Protesters rally in Turkey to condemn Syrian security forces’ crackdown on protests. (F.N.N)

19:55 Death toll rises as Syrians take to the streets to demand change.

19:50 Twitter user @FreeSoria says snipers are shooting protesters in Sunameen.

19:48 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in city of Homs showing anti-regime protestors tearing down a poster of late Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

19:45 An image from the SyrianFreePress’s Channel on YouTube shows comic book supervillain the Joker holding up a card of President Bashar al-Assad. It reads in English: “your turn has come, doctor.”

19:40 Twitter user @PRPSyria says blood donors needed at Omari mosque in Daraa.

19:38 A new article up on the Guardian news website offers a brief guide to key facts everyone should know about Syria.

19:36 Two women, identified as Marwa Ghamyan and Noura al-Rifai, have been released after being arrested by Syrian security forces. (S.N.N)

19:35 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Cyprus showing dozens marching in support of anti-regime protests in Syria and chanting “No Iran or Hezbollah, we want a leader who fears God.”

19:23 An estimated 30 protesters arrested in Damascus. (F.N.N)

19:23 Syria’s Sunameen Hospital short on medical staff, only two doctors in the hospital. (S.N.N)

19:22 Power cut off in the Syrian city of Sunameen, near Daraa. Dozens of protesters injured by gunfire. (S.N.N)

19:20 Reports of heavy gunfire in the Damascus neighborhood of Darayya. Security forces have closed down most of the roads leading to the area. (S.N.N)

19:20 Twitter user @FreeSoria says wounded protesters are lying on the ground in the Moaddamyeh neighborhood of Damascus, and no one can reach them because the area has been sealed off by security forces.

19:16 Twitter user @SyrianJasmine confirms that people in Damascus are distributing food and drinks to help keep protesters going.

19:08 Syrian security forces shoot, kill three protesters in Damascus, Reuters reports.

18:55 New pictures from AFP show anti and pro-regime protesters demonstrating across Syria today.

18:52 Twitter user @FreeSoria says there are unconfirmed reports that army officers were killed today for refusing to shoot at protesters.

18:45 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Tall area near Damascus shows protesters chanting “With soul and blood we sacrifice for you, Daraa,” and “The Syrian people do not get humiliated.”

All security forces exit Syrian city of Daraa. (S.N.N)

18:32 Residents of the Qabun neighborhood of Damascus revolt in support of Houran residents. (S.N.N)

A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Cyprus showing a crowd gathered in support of anti-regime protests in Syria and calling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “coward.”

18:30 A YouTube video purportedly filmed at the Umawi Mosque in Damascus showing mobs of screaming anti-regime protesters.

40 People killed near Omari Mosque in Syrian city of Daraa (S.N.N)

18:11 Twitter user @SyrianJasmine says Microsoft Hotmail is blocking users in ALL Arab countries from using HTTPS.

18:05 Protesters in Syrian city of Selmiyya in Hama province call for freedom, supporting Daraa (S.N.N)

18:04 Four killed, tens injured in Latakia, cellular network disconnected. (F.N.N.)

18:00 Gunfire heard in Deir ez-Zour in Syria. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

18:00 Clashes break out in Syrian city of Maarrat al-Naamam near Iraqi borders (S.N.N)

18:03 Hear NOW Lebanon blogger Angie Nassar’s exclusive interview with Tom Root, the father of American student Tik Root, who went missing in Syria one week ago.

17:44 Security forces being helped by thugs in attempts to disperse protesters in Hamah using arms. (S.N.N.)

17:41 Members of the European Parliament on Friday released a statement condemning the online crackdown by the Syrian government as violent protests are reported throughout the country.

17:39 More than 12000 demonstrators in Jabala, plain-clothed security forces repress protesters. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

17:30 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Sunmeen, near Syrian city of Daraa, shows many protesters shot dead by security forces.

A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Syrian city of Tel Kalakh near the Iraqi borders showing people chanting “God, Freedom and Syria” and “After today there will be no fear”.

17:22 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Syrian city of Jassem showing anti-regime march.

17:16 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Syrian city of Banias shows hundreds of anti-regime protesters gathered.

17:14 Witness in Damascus reports seeing people killed, injured and arrested. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

17:09 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Damascus’ neighborhood of Mazza showing protesters chanting “The Syrian people do not get humiliated” and “We want freedom”.

16:53 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Damascus neighborhood of Daraya shows protesters chanting “There will be no fear after today” and “With soul and blood we sacrifice for you, martyrs.”

16:51 Corpses fill the streets of Daraa, hundreds injured (Youth Syria for Freedom)

16:48 Syrian security forces fire shots in Hamah. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

16:46 “Real war” taking place in Daraa, defense brigades “committing massacres” there. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

16:44 Syria's information minister said Friday the situation was "totally calm" throughout the country following a week of deadly protests in the south.

16:43 Al-Arabiya television reported that several anti-regime protesters in the Syrian city of Latakia were shot dead by security forces.

16:43 Fire trucks try to disperse protestors in Latakia, thugs attack protestors, casualties reported. (F.N.N.)

16:40 Syrian security forces detain groups of people in Hamah. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

16:39 More than 100 martyrs claimed in Daraa, citizens call for help. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

16:37 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Halab showing Syrian security forces arresting anti-regime protesters.

16:35 Three young protestors die in Homs. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

16:28 More than one thousand protesters demonstrate in front of Syrian Embassy in Brussels. (F.N.N.)

16:28 Al-Arabiya: Heavy gunfire in Daraa square where thousands of protestors are demonstrating.

16:27 Heavy gunfire reported to be directed at people in Daraa. (F.N.N.)

16:24 Protesters in Daraa Square set statue of late former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad on fire, Reuters reports.

16:13 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in the Syrian city of Jassem showing people protest in support of Daraa.

16:11 More than 25 martyrs in a true massacre in Sunmeen, Syria. (F.N.N)

16:03 A YouTube video purportedly filmed at the Ibn al-Waleed Mosque in Syria’s Latakia city shows crowds roaring in support of Daraa.

15:58 A total of 17 people were killed Friday when a demonstration headed to the Syrian protest city of Daraa was raked by gunfire, a human rights activist said.

15:57 American student Tik Root’s parents believe he is in Syrian custody. Read more from NOW Lebanon blogger Angie Nassar.

15:41 Twitter user @wissamtarif says more than one thousand people demonstrating in Al-Tal area

15:40 A YouTube video shows protesters chanting support for Daraa in an unspecified location “near Damascus”.

15:29 Protesters shot in front of a state security branch using live bullets in Daraa, number of deceased is 9. (Syrian Revolution 2011)

15:23 People from Damascus enter Daraa to join citizens from Houran. (S.N.N.)

15:22 YouTube video shows massive crowd demonstrating in Daraa.

15:15 Reuters: Eyewitness reports say around 1,000 people rally in the streets of Tel, a town near Damascus in Syria, in support of protesters in Daraa.

15:09 A YouTube video purportedly filmed in Hamah showing people protest in support of Daraa.

15:02 More than 400,000 protestors head to Daraa from all Houran cities and towns. (Youth Syria for Freedom)

14:57 A YouTube video shows protesters packed into the courtyard outside Ar-Rifai mosque in Damascus chanting “God, Syria, and Freedom alone” and “Break the siege of Daraa”.

14:57 Five high-ranking military officers confirm their support for the revolution, request from Syrians to mobilize. (F.N.N.)

A YouTube video purportedly filmed outside Ar-Rifai mosque in Damascus shows protesters chanting “There is no god but God.”

14:45 Al-Arabiya: Protesters in Daraa chant slogans against Bashar al-Assad’s brother, Maher.

14:40 YouTube video shows protesters in the Ummayad Mosque in the Old City of Damascus as crowds roar outside.

14:35 Al-Arabiya reports demonstrations in Damascus, Duma, Latakia, Homs and Reka.

14:31 “Regime thugs” shoot randomly around Helaliya square in al-Qamishli. (Syrian Revolution 2011)

14:30 YouTube video shows protesters packed into Ar-Rifai mosque in Damascus and chanting “God, Syria, and freedom alone.”

14:24 Syrian Security forces surround Daraa, prevent protestors from getting there.(Syrian Revolution 2011)

14:20 Analysts say uprising in Syria could have huge impact on Lebanon.

14:20 Al-Jazeera: Hundreds of protestors chant for freedom in Syrian city of Homs.

14:17 Thousands of demonstrators march toward squares in Edleb.(Syrian Revolution 2011)

14:15 YouTube video shows protesters being attacked and beaten in the Grand Mosque in Halab.

14:10 Hundreds of people march toward Daraa from different provinces in support of Daraa’s uprising.(Syrian Revolution 2011)

14:02 Syrian Intelligence forces shoot at demonstrators in Deir ez-Zour, reports of injuries. (Syrian Revolution 2011)

14:00 YouTube video shows protesters in Damascus chanting “With soul and blood we sacrifice for you, Daraa.”

13:57 From AFP: Protests spread across Syria on Friday from the southern epicenter of Daraa to Damascus and a town south of the capital, Daeel, where authorities arrested at least five demonstrators.

13:56 YouTube video shows protesters in Damascus chanting “the people want the overthrow of the regime.”

1:52 Heavy security all over Daraa, security forces occupy Al-Omari mosque, streets surrounded by snipers. (F.N.N.)

13:52 From AFP: Syrian opposition leaders-in-exile called in Paris for the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad, asking France to maintain pressure on the Syrian leader to "halt the killing of innocents."

13:47 Users on Twitter say Syrian security forces are using live bullets against demonstrators in Qamishli

1:44 Huge demonstration in Latakia in Sheikh Daher’s square chanting: God, Syria, Freedom only, security forces surround square. (April 17 Youth Movement for Democratic Change in Syria)

13:30 Reuters: Syrian secret police disperse protesters in Damascus, arrest dozens.

13:28 YouTube video shows thousands of protesters in Homs chant in support of Daraa, demand liberty and say there is no fear after today.

13:17 Crowds protest in Homs; no reports of injuries. (F.N.N.)

13:16 Twitter users are reporting thousands chanting in Allepo, Syria: “Freedom, Peaceful, Peaceful.”

13:06 Central security started beating protesters in Jabala with sticks and batons; protesters are resisting. (Syria Youth Movement)

12:56 Protestors in the Syrian capital are chanting slogans in support of the city of Daraa. (S.N.N)

12:50 A YouTube video has been uploaded showing Syrian Sheikh Adnan al-Arour advising the youth of the revolution to follow the Egyptian example and endure violence without responding in kind. He voices hope that the president will intervene and form a dialogue committee to address legitimate grievances. “No violence on both sides. No to sectarianism on both sides. No to foreign intervention, whether by states or parties.” He also says that reports Hezbollah will intervene are likely false, since Hezbollah knows that the Syrian people have embraced the Lebanese Shia and supported Hassan Nasrallah. He warns army officers not to aim their weapons at the people.

According to his website, the sheikh is a native of Hama, Syria and currently resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Click here to watch the video in Arabic.

12:48 Reports of demonstrations in the Yarmouk camp in support of Daraa. (F.N.N.)

12:45 Calling for freedom and demanding democratic reform has no age limit. Meet Syria’s youngest revolutionary.

12:42 Syrian security forces prevent journalists and media figures from entering Daraa, which is being blocked off by authorities. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

12:35 The youth of the revolution begin to gather in front of mosques after Friday prayers. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

12:30 More than 1000 cars drive through Damascus in support of the corrupt [Syrian] regime. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

12:23 A YouTube video has been uploaded reportedly showing a nighttime celebration in Daraa after Syrian security forces withdrew from the Omari mosque.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi spoke today about the Syrian revolution during his Friday sermon broadcast live on Al-Jazeera: “Today the train of revolution has reached a station that it had to reach: the Syria station. It is not possible for Syria to be separated from the history of the Arab community. Some said that Syria was safe from these revolutions. But is it not part of the community and do God’s universal laws not apply to it? Syria is like the others. Egypt and Syria have always been connected throughout history.”

Click here to watch the video in Arabic.

12:01 @Shaamnews: Latest: The funeral of the martyrs begins heading toward Al-Omari mosque where [people] will pray over the deceased.

11:55 There is a fire at the Baath Party headquarters in the Edleb town of Kafr Amim. (The Syrian Revolution 2011)

11:45 We told you yesterday about an American student who has gone missing in Syria. Here are new pictures of Middlebury College student Pathik “Tik” Root, who was last heard from on March 16.

11:25 Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: Join the revolution, if you do not join the [protestors], then who will be victorious? Say the word of truth, be together. We do not want division and separation. (The Syrian Revolution of 2011)

11:02 The Syrian regime braced for renewed protests on Friday as activists called for “Day of Dignity” rallies despite promises of reform.

10:59 The US issued a new condemnation of Syria's "brutal repression" of demonstrations and killings of civilians and also hit out at the arrest of rights activists.

10:57 Canada is "deeply concerned" by Syria's violent crackdown on demonstrators in the southern town of Daraa.

10:54 A group of Syrians from the strategic Golan Heights occupied by Israel declared their support for the Syrian people in their quest to rebel against "their torturers."

March 24 2011

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