20:22 The Syrian army on Saturday shelled the area of Bastara near Damascus, Al-Jazeera television quoted the General Commission of the Syrian Revolution as saying.

Russia on Saturday said it backed delivering a "decisive rebuff" to "terrorists" operating in Syria a day after state television reported 11 people killed in a bomb blast outside a Damascus mosque.

 17:56 Official Syrian newspapers
accused UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Saturday of "encouraging terrorists" and UN-Arab envoy Kofi Annan of failing to deliver on his promises.

 16:31 The Syrian army on Saturday raided the Harasta suburb of Damascus, Al-Jazeera television quoted the General Commission of the Syrian Revolution as saying.

 16:16 The Foreign Ministry on Saturday
accused Turkey of provocation with its talk of asking NATO to help protect its border with Syria, saying such action went against the UN-backed peace plan.

 15:53 Syrian forces on Saturday surrounded the Damascus neighborhood of Baraza in an attempt to raid it, Al-Arabiya television quoted the Syrian Centre for Media Freedom and Expression as saying.

 15:35 Syrian forces on Saturday killed 17 people, Al-Arabiya television quoted the Local Coordination Committees as saying.

Syrian regular forces surrounded the town of Yabroud near Damascus, Al-Arabiya reported.

 11:05 Syria troops
killed 10 rebels in the Damascus region on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

 9:22 Iran on Saturday
condemned a deadly suicide bombing in Damascus, charging that such "terrorist actions" were the work of foreign governments that wanted to arm the Syrian opposition.

 8:01 The European Union said Friday it was "
extremely concerned" about continuing violence in Syria in violation of a ceasefire and in spite of the presence of UN monitors on the ground.

 7:47 The United Nations on Friday put Major General
Robert Mood of Norway, a veteran of troublesome truces, in charge of the force monitoring the faltering ceasefire in Syria.

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