Father of slain soldier: Hand
over my son’s murderer

BEIRUT - The father of slain Lebanese Armed Forces soldier Abbas Medlej called on authorities to punish or hand over a Syrian man arrested earlier in the week, who is rumored to have beheaded his son.


“The arrested Syrian Daham Abdel Aziz Ramadan, who is accused of beheading my son must be punished or handed over to me so I can punish him,” Medlej’s father told a the press at a protest outside Baalbek on Friday.


“I ask army chief General Jean Qahwaji to hand him over to me… Why was Ramadan transferred to Beirut so quickly?”


Medlej’s mother Zeinab also called on the Lebanese authorities “not to give in to foreigners and international and regional.”


“[The state should] work on punishing the offender.”


Ramadan was arrested on Tuesday at the western entrance of the town of Iaat near the central Beqaa’s Baalbek, along with two other Syrians.


According to Lebanese broadcaster Al-Jadeed, security forces found evidence on their cell phones proving their connection to jihadist group the Islamic State, a supporter of which posted images of himself beheading Medlej on social media.