Syrians arrested in Beqaa
admit terror group membership

BEIRUT - The Lebanese Armed Forces arrested on Friday two Syrians who later admitted to being members of terrorist groups and a Lebanese man in the al-Maseeda area near the eastern Beqaa town of Arsal.


Syrian nationals Ahmad Samir Heen and Fadi Ammar Halabi were arrested for not having identity papers and admitted under interrogation to being members of two separate terrorist organizations, according to a statement from Army Command.


Lebanese national Bassam Youssef al-Hojeiri who was in the company of the two men was also arrested.


Earlier on Friday, Lebanese broadcaster Al-Jadeed reported that Army Intelligence had arrested three Syrian members of jihadist group the Islamic State earlier in the week in central Beqaa town of Iaat, to the West of Baalbek.


The three men, identified as Daham Abdel Aziz Ramadan (born in 1996), Khaled Waleek al-Bakeer (born in 1995), and Abdallah Ahmad al-Salloum, (21 years old), were arrested at the western entrance of the town on Tuesday.


According to Al-Jadeed, the security forces found evidence on their cell phones that proved they were members of the jihadist group.