Bahraini Shiites given life
terms for bombing

DUBAI - A Bahrain court on Thursday sentenced 14 Shiites to life in prison after convicting them of attacking police with explosives during an anti-regime protest, a judicial source said.


The Gulf kingdom's prosecution service had accused the group of attempted murder of policemen using petrol bombs and explosives, and taking part in an unauthorized protest.


In the May 29, 2013 attack, an improvised device exploded as police tried to extinguish tires set alight by demonstrators in the Shiite village of Bani Jamra outside the capital Manama, the judicial source said.


Several policemen were wounded, some seriously.


Dozens of Bahraini Shiites have been handed down lengthy prison terms after being convicted of involvement in violent protests.


Bahrain has been rocked since February 2011 by protests by the Shiite majority against the ruling Sunni Muslim Al-Khalifa dynasty.


Last year, the authorities stiffened penalties for those convicted of committing acts of violence, introducing the death penalty or life in jail for incidents in which there were dead or wounded.