Man linked to terror group
flees from Arsal checkpoint

BEIRUT - The Lebanese Armed Forces shot at a man identified as Mohammad Ahmad al-Hojeiri for refusing orders at the Mabeeda checkpoint outside the eastern Beqaa town of Arsal, the National News Agency reported on Wednesday.


The NNA added that Hojeiri, who was affiliated with terror suspect Sheikh Omar Ibrahim al-Atrash, escaped in to the Arsal Mountains after receiving a light wound to the leg.


Atrash, along with fellow suspects Naim Abbas and Nawwaf Hussein, was charged with running a terrorist network joining the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh in the city of Sidon with Arsal, and is allegedly linked to a number of Al-Qaeda linked groups.


The three men are also accused of carrying out two suicide bombings in Beirut’s suburbs, as well as attacking the Lebanese army and Hezbollah, and firing rockets in to Israel.


Atrash reportedly confessed to the charges in January.