Salam stresses importance of dialogue

BEIRUT – Prime Minister Tammam Salam highlighted the necessity for dialogue as the sole solution to the political deadlock and security crises afflicting Lebanon.


“There is no solution to the political and security crises except dialogue; dialogue, alone, is capable of producing settlements,” Salam said on Tuesday following a ceremony honoring Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Assiri at the Grand Serail.


The premier went on to stress the importance of supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces and the state’s security forces.


“The only solution is to support the army and all security forces which constitute the legitimate protecting fence for the country and the sole guarantor of the Lebanese’s security.”


Militants from several jihadist groups fighting in Syria attacked army and police posts near Arsal on August 2, after the arrest of a man accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, the Al-Nusra Front.


The clashes were brought to an end on August 7 after a group of Sunni clerics negotiated a truce under which the militants withdrew from the town.