Hariri calls for international
action against IS

BEIRUT - Future Movement leader Saad Hariri called on the international community to take action against attacks on Christians in northern Iraq, and gave his support to a statement by Arab Christian religious authorities asking for Fatwas against the Islamic State jihadist group.


“The international community must move to halt the continuous crime in Iraq, which aims to uproot the East’s Arab Christian [community],” Hariri said in a statement on Thursday.


He also expressed his support for a statement released earlier on Thursday by the Patriarchate of the East, saying that it “let out a cry which must reach the ears of all Arab and Islamic [governments.]”


“The Patriarchate of the East’s call for clear fatwas that confront the growing march of terrorist extremism in the Arab word must be taken up by just and moderate scholars.”


Hariri added that the Patriarchate’s statement: “expresses [the view] of all Lebanese, who will only be content with their country as a civilized space for Muslim-Christian dialogue.”


IS fighters’ military takeover of northern Iraqi areas since July have displaced at least 100,000 Christians, with new assaults on Tal Kayf, Bartella and Qaraqosh—the largest Christian town in Iraq—earlier in the week sending a new wave of Christians fleeing.

The international community must move to halt the continuous crime in Iraq.