Terror cell plotting Lebanon
assassination busted

BEIRUT – The Lebanese Armed Forces announced Wednesday it rounded up a terrorist cell plotting the murder of a prominent security official in North Lebanon.


The army statement identified that army intelligence arrested five men identified as Wassim Ahmad al-Qoss, Wissam Ahmad al-Qoss, Dani Ahmad al-Qoss, Amjad Nohad al-Khatib, and Nabil Kamel Bayda in North Lebanon's Qalamoun.


The LAF added that it will continue its investigations in order to arrest the remainder of the cell members and unveil their plots.


The announcement comes on the heels of a worsening security situation in Lebanon that has seen a suicide bomber strike Beirut’s Tayyouneh overnight Tuesday while a bombing in Dahr al-Baydar last week narrowly missed hitting General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim.

The army arrested the men in North Lebanon’s Qalamoun.