Army commander plays down
gravity of security situation

BEIRUT – Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Jean Qahwaji said that the security situation is not as dangerous as it seems after a suicide bombing targeted an ISF checkpoint.


“The situation is not that dangerous, and things are being exaggerated,” Qahwaji said on Friday prior to an urgent security meeting called for by Prime Minister Tammam Salam.


Heightened security measures were taken across several areas in Lebanon, after a suicide bomber targeted an Internal Security Forces checkpoint in the Beqaa area of Dahr al-Baydar in an apparent assassination attempt against General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim.


Earlier in the day, an extensive security operation was also conducted around the UNESCO building in Beirut after the Amal Movement announced it was postponing its first National Conference for Mukhtars for security reasons.


Several terror suspects were also arrested in Beirut’s Hamra and neighboring areas for their alleged plotting to kill Speaker Nabih Berri.

The situation is not that dangerous, and things are being exaggerated.