Top Lebanon leaders condemn
ISF checkpoint explosion

Future Movement leader Saad Hariri. (AFP PHOTO)

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s top leaders and political parties denounced Friday’s deadly suicide bombing at the Internal Security Forces Dahr al-Baydar checkpoint in the Beqaa Valley.


Future Movement leader Saad Hariri condemned the “terrorist explosion,” and called on the Lebanese people not to allow sectarian strife to consume the country.


“Lebanese people from all sects and with all political inclinations [must observe] the highest degree of alertness and caution, they must maintain… national solidarity in the face of the vile plots [against] Lebanon and the region,” Hariri said in a statement.


The Amal Movement called for “reinforcing the nation in the face of sectarian venoms,” after it said that this explosion “targets the country as a whole.”


In turn, Hezbollah condemned the “terrorist suicide explosion” that took place in Dahr al-Baydar, and said that “regardless of its target and the hidden plans behind it, it targets Lebanon, its security and its stability.”


The March 8 party went on to urge the Lebanese to have “solidarity in the face of the terrorist conspiracy targeting them.”


Meanwhile, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, urged the election of a president in order to avert any future security incidents.


“The first step towards strengthening Lebanon and preventing what is happening is to work on reviving the country’s constitutional institutions starting from the presidency, to the parliament and the cabinet,” Geagea said following the bombing which he, too, labeled as being “terrorist.”


He also linked this incident to the turmoil hitting the entire region.


“The region is boiling, and Lebanon is not an island separate from the ocean.”


Geagea’s ally, the Kataeb party, also called for the “immediate” election of a new head of state.


The March 14 party expressed its regret at “the return of the series of explosions,” and urged the citizens and political parties to have “the highest level of national solidarity.”


The Kataeb also deemed this car bomb as “a dangerous message to involve Lebanon in the game of death that is taking place in Iraq and Syria.”


A suicide bomber targeted an Internal Security Forces checkpoint in the Beqaa Valley’s Dahr al-Baydar earlier of Friday, injuring 32 people and killing one.


The explosion, on the highway to Damascus, happened at the moment General Security Director General Major Abbas Ibrahim was driving through the checkpoint.

Future Movement leader Saad Hariri. (AFP PHOTO)

This time should be the time of consciousness, unified values and cooperation, not the time of provocation and sectarian mobilization.