Detained Abdullah Azzam
commander’s health deteriorating

BEIRUT - The health of a detained prominent member of the Al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades is deteriorating and is reported to be suffering from a dangerous and contagious virus.


After Jamal Daftardar was arrested and taken to Kamed al-Lawz military hospital for treatment, he began to show the signs of the virus which he caught while fighting in Syria before coming to Lebanon, a judicial source told NOW on Friday.


The source added that Daftardar’s deteriorating health led to placing him in quarantine and bringing in his mother.


Early in April, charges were pressed against Daftadar for his alleged involvement in crimes perpetrated by another Abdullah Azzam Brigades member, Naim Abbas.

Daftardar was apprehended in a raid on the Western Beqaa town of Kamed al-Lawz in mid-January.

Daftardar’s deteriorating health led to placing him in quarantine.