France 24

Arab, Iranian women protest
naked in Paris

BEIRUT – A number of Arab and Iranian women staged an unusual protest in the Louvre Art Museum’s Square to call for equality and secularism on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.


Tunisian activist Amina al-Souboui, Egyptian Alia al-Mahdi and five other Arab and Iranian women demonstrated fully naked and called, in French, for freedom, equality and secularism.


Paris protest















The females' protest was even bolder than that of Femen activists, who only protest topless.


Femen protest















French Police officers were lenient toward the women and allowed them to cricle the art museum’s pyramids.


Paris protest
















They even refrained from asking the crowds who gathered around them to disperse until after the protesters covered their bodies and started talking to the press.


“I am terrified at the Islamists’ behavior in Arab countries,” Souboui said.

I am terrified at the Islamists’ behavior in Arab countries.

  • rotihassan@yahoo.com

    The French police were lenient because they were naked,but often times harass women in Hijab

    March 16, 2014