Future official says latest terror arrest
a political message to Hezbollah

BEIRUT - Future Movement official Mustafa Alloush said that the recent arrest of a major terror suspect might be part of a political campaign aimed against the Shiite group Hezbollah.


“The discovery of the suicide bombers could, in itself, be a political message aimed at Hezbollah, and therefore the groups responsible for these [suicide] operations wouldn’t mind revealing their identity,” Alloush told NOW on Thursday.


Regarding the success of the Lebanese Armed Forces in arresting a suspect accused of masterminding the recent car bomb attacks, while the security forces have been unable to uncover the identities of those behind the assassinations targeting March 14 figures, Alloush said it was much easier to pursue the former group and uncover their identity.


“It is easier to arrest those who plan suicide attacks since they are unprofessional and unorganized groups and they lack a welcoming environment.”


“Whereas, those standing behind the assassination plots are professional killers and Hezbollah’s environment is a welcoming environment.”


Alloush’s remarks came as Hezbollah sources expressed to NOW their “relief” at the news that the LAF intelligence managed to arrest an Abdullah Azzam Brigades commander and to dismantle two car bombs in Beirut and the Beqaa.

The LAF on Wednesday arrested Abdullah Azzam Brigades commander Naim Abbas following a period of intense surveillance.
Under interrogation Abbas admitted to the existence of a Toyota RAV-4 rigged with explosives parked in Beirut’s Tariq al-Jedideh, and revealed the existence of other rigged cars, now being investigated by security forces.

Shortly after Abbas’ arrest and the dismantling of the Tariq al-Jedideh bomb, the army dismantled another car bomb in the Beqaa town of Arsal. The driver and two other passengers in the silver Kia were women, a military source told NOW.

The discovery of the suicide bombers could, in itself, be a political message aimed at Hezbollah.