Nasrallah: Iranian
embassy is still a target

BEIRUT - Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that the Iranian embassy will be the target of more attacks that will increase in intensity amid “a difficult period” in Lebanon.


“This is a difficult period that we should overcome. The [Iranian] embassy will remain the target of more operations,” Al-Akhbar on Monday quoted him as saying.


“These operations will continue," Nasrallah also said in a meeting with Iranian envoy Ghadanfar Roken Abadi and other Iranian officials. 


The Hezbollah leader also said that the suicide attacks that targeted the Iranian embassy last week, killing at least 23 people and injuring 146 others, had been “meticulously planned.”


“Those who planned the attack knew the embassy building stone by stone.”


He added that the aim of the attack was to kill the Iranian envoy and the Iranian chargé d'affaires.


“It is true that the [bombing] operation took place, but they did not achieve their goal, and they will keep trying until they succeed,” the Hezbollah leader warned.


Nasrallah’s remarks came as investigations conducted by the Lebanese security agencies succeeded in uncovering the identity of the perpetrators.


According to DNA tests, one of the bombers was identified as Mouin Abou Dahr.


DNA units of the corpse found at the scene of the blasts and the hotel room in which the suicide bomber was staying matched ones of Abou Dahr’s father, Adnan, who willingly appeared at an army center in Sidon and was transferred to the Defense Ministry on Friday.


The tests also revealed that the second suicide bomber was Adnan Mohammad, a Palestinian who lived in Al-Zahrani district.

They did not achieve their goal, and they will keep trying until they succeed.